Hi, I'm Elena.

I design brand identities and websites from emotions and human connections.

Hiya! I'm a Brand and Web designer based in Toronto but working worldwide (thank you, freelance gods!)

My strength and passion lie in noticing and translating emotions and behaviours into intuitive and visually beautiful design.

I specialize in developing brand elements and customized digital design outputs through comprehensive market and audience research. My work is focused on helping clients achieve their business goals and adapting to diverse types of projects with efficiency, structure, and strategy.

One of my favourite things about being a designer is working with curious and driven people whose products enhance communities and elevate individuals.

I'm a Brand and Web designer, on a mission to create intuitive and compelling design solutions for curious and driven people who enhance communities and elevate individuals.

I'm passionate about translating emotions and behaviours into intuitive and visually beautiful brand identities.

About me
I have thought long and hard about what being a designer means to me. What is the mission behind years of experience, training, and just being obsessed with art and design all my life?

And the answer came: My mission is to improve communities by conveying emotional values through a visual language of design.

I have the pleasure of working with amazing clients from all over the world as a freelance designer. And I have learned that my passion and strength are feeling and noticing the core values of people and their brands and being able to reflect them through intuitive and authentic design.
What I do:
What I'm looking for:
When not working:
I create brand identities, logos, websites, marketing assets and other brand elements for clients worldwide.
To grow into an expert designer in hospitality industry alongside curious and inclusive team.
I'm probably listening to poscasts , checking flights to Ireland and the UK for my next trip, quoting Miranda in my conversations, city-gazing, or creating a new concept design .
Brand and Web Designer
Elena Ilyukhina
Featured Projects
Brand Design
With Reality Prototyping© being a B2C business, the goal was to increase awareness of the program among the Product Design community by aligning brand strategy to business strategy and creating more engaging visuals and interfaces.
Reality Prototyping© Coaching Program for Designers
Reality Prototyping© is a self-paced coaching program for Product Designers to level up in their careers by prototyping themselves through a 3 step framework to increase
self-awareness, confidence and ultimately product impact by doing meaningful work.
Brand Identity
Gragnano Pasta Bar Concept Design
Logo Design
A minimal logo that reflects the soul and idea behind the project — to simplify cooking to make it accessible to everyone.
Pass the RimChi supper club
Design Services
Branding design
Starting at $2,350
Website design
Marketing Design
Starting at $750
Starting at $300
Passion Projects
The Brand Discovery Kit is a digital workbook with practical tools and exercises, designed to help freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for their brand.

As a result, you will be left with your brand's resume ready to be shared with any specialist or business you’d like to work with and be able to find YOUR clients because you’ll know who they are and where to find them.
Like every family, this PlantFam has an array of personalities and characters. Which one are you today, a silly Toadstool or a gentle Snowdrop?

Created through doodling, these illustrations will add lightness and personality to any design project, big or small.
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