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I'm a Brand and Web designer, on a mission to create intuitive and compelling design solutions for curious and driven people who enhance communities and elevate individuals.

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Minimal and calm design inspired by the comfort of Scandinavian aesthetic and lifestyle
Featured Projects
Brand Design
With Reality Prototyping© being a B2C business, the goal was to increase awareness of the program among the Product Design community by aligning brand strategy to business strategy and creating more engaging visuals and interfaces.
Reality Prototyping© Coaching Program for Designers
Reality Prototyping© is a self-paced coaching program for Product Designers to level up in their careers by prototyping themselves through a 3 step framework to increase
self-awareness, confidence and ultimately product impact by doing meaningful work.
Brand Identity
Logo Design
A minimal logo that reflects the soul and idea behind the project — to simplify cooking to make it accessible to everyone.
Gragnano Pasta Bar Concept Design
Pass the RimChi supper club
proprietary Tools
The Brand Discovery Kit is a digital workbook with practical tools and exercises, designed to help freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for their brand.

It will help establish the purpose and mission of the brand, conduct client and competitor analysis, and choose the visual style direction.

As a result, you will be left with your brand's resume ready to be shared with any specialist or business you’d like to work with and be able to find YOUR clients because you’ll know who they are and where to find them.
Hi, I'm Elena
So glad you're here!

I have thought long and hard about what being a designer means to me. What is the mission behind years of experience, training, and just being obsessed with art and design all my life?

And the answer came: My mission is to improve communities by conveying emotional values through a visual language of design.

I have the pleasure of working with amazing clients from all over the world as a freelance designer. And I have learned that my passion and strength are feeling and noticing the core values of people and their brands and being able to reflect them through intuitive and authentic design.

I enjoy working with people eager to keep evolving in their industries, are passionate about their businesses, dedicate time and energy to personal growth and mental well-being, and share their light and energy to improve communities.

When it comes to inspiration, I seek it in comfort, connections with inspiring people, nature, travel and art.
Creating visual communication design that cares about its audience
Magic happens when you work with people who promote mental well-being of their team and clients
Allowing space for sincere connections creates professional and successful results
Although we live in different hemispheres Elena has worked closely with me to design some wonderful templates which will ensure brand consistency for my business. No detail was too small for Elena to ensure she delivered a great product.
Many thanks from Emily Woodward - The Gentle Life Coach
Emily Woodward
I found Elena to be incredibly flexible, her attitude always very positive and can-do. I feel like I can come to her and we'll always find a solution.
One of the things that stand out most about working with Elena is her desire to learn, grow and become a better designer; she also takes criticism really well. I found that in many ways it takes a weight off my shoulder.
I would definitely recommend working with Elena in the future!
Anastasia Verdi
Thank you very much, Elena, for your work. I had difficulty visualizing and explaining what I wanted, but you understood me. You did an awesome job! The design turned out to be minimalistic and original at the same time. All as I wanted, but couldn't imagine.
Founder of Remote Design Coaching
Life Coach
Personal Coach
Bryan Sona
Plant Shop Co-Owner
Elena helped me create a simple, elegant, and unique logo and marketing assets for my fiancé's plant shop. She was flexible with my requests/changes and kept me within my specified budget. I would definitely work with Elena again in the future.
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